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Chuck’s Medical Mission Trip – Part 4

February 10th, 2017

Chuck just called the clinic from the roof top of the hospital (where he gets the best cell phone reception) to give us an update! There are 6 surgeries scheduled this afternoon, and tomorrow they will have post-op clinic and begin packing up supplies.

Here are more photos from the hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where Chuck and other medical providers involved in MACLA have spent the week… Enjoy!

Another busy morning for the surgery team

This plastic surgeon is measuring this kiddo’s ear just before beginning ear reconstruction surgery.

Next, the surgeon is forming cartilage for the new ear.

Not only does MACLA serve women & children, but they also provide training for anesthesia residents. Notice the syringe in her hand!

Not your average sized avocado!

Check out this sugar cane salesman on wheels.

Is this a good idea? … yikes!

Of course we’ll share more photos as we get them!

Helpful links:

Click here to read Chuck’s bio.

Click here to read more about MACLA (Medical Aid to the Children of Latin America) and make a donation!


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