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REAL PATIENT STORY – “A love that wouldn’t give up!”

June 4th, 2018
marla munsen springfield mo

Marla Munsen, DPT and Charles Whaley, PTA with their happy patient Marlene! Thank you Marlene for sharing your story of overcoming muscle pain and fibromyalgia pain here at Advantage Therapy Springfield MO.

I have experienced a love that wouldn’t give up. The staff at Advantage Therapy in Springfield, MO truly loves and cares about their patients. I am living proof!

Advantage Therapy has far exceeded my expectations. I am 79 years old and over a period of years I was injured in six vehicular accidents. None of which were my fault. As a result I have herniated discs in cervical and lumbar areas. I suffered severe whiplash in all the accidents. For many years, when I reached over my head, I would become nauseous because of the neck issues.

I was sent to physical therapy at several places. I was even put in traction but had very little improvement. Mainly they expected me to get on machines and use them hoping I would have improvement. It did not work for me.

After the numerous vehicular accidents, my muscles became hard and very tender to touch. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Nothing seemed to relieve those symptoms. Many times I could barely stand to touch my legs because of tenderness and pain. When I walked it felt as if I was trying to move concrete columns instead of muscles and bones. I despaired of ever having relief, although my doctor had tried several approaches.

My upper back was a constant source of pain. When I attempted to cook a meal, many times I would have to take a break and lie on the floor in an attempt to get relief from the tightness and pain. I tried tennis balls, thera-canes, and other modalities but no lasting relief.

I injured my right shoulder and lower back muscles in early 2016. I was sent to a local therapy group but had no relief. My muscles just did not respond to their treatment techniques.

Finally, in late 2017, my doctor said she had heard good things about ADVANTAGE THERAPY and suggested I try them for my shoulder issues. I readily agreed, but had little hope that I could get much relief. The top of my shoulder felt like a rock and upper back hurt all the time.

When Advantage Therapy called to set my schedule, I told them I wanted someone that knew the techniques of neuro-muscular treatment to work with me. At other physical therapy places, I had experienced therapy with the “stretches” and exercise machines that only made me worse. From the first day at Advantage, the front staff, the business office, the assistants and the physical therapists were polite, professional and so very friendly during each visit, that now, I claim all of them as friends!

I was scheduled with Marla Munsen, DPT and her assistant Charles Whaley, PTA. During my first visit with Marla, I knew that she was extremely skilled and even on that first day, she gave me some relief. She did the total opposite of what others had tried to do with me. My muscles just did not want to be retrained, but THANK GOD, Marla and Charles were patient with me and I can say now, that I have very little upper body pain. The top of my shoulder is now soft to the touch, and I can use my arm and shoulder without the hard gripping pain. They used varied techniques and my muscles finally responded.

I will have to reiterate, my muscles did not want to cooperate and get retrained, but with their patience they have finally moved back into place and function as they should.

In early 2018, Advantage Therapy (again with Marla and Charles) began work on my leg muscles and hip. Again, my muscles did not want to cooperate, but with their patience and skill, I can now walk without the restrictions and cramps that I once had. I’m so thankful.

So, I can truly say that Advantage Therapy displays a “love that would not give up” and because of their love for their patients, I have less pain and problems than I have had in 30+ years.  I also give God thanks for nudging my family doctor to send me to Advantage.

I would encourage anyone of any age, to give Advantage staff a chance to help you overcome years of pain. There is hope for pain relief with these people. They are truly skilled.

Marlene Dier

We are so thankful to Marlene for sending us her story, in hopes that someone with similar pain reads it and finds hope for real pain relief. If you have a story you’d like for us to share on our website or social media, please send it to Andrea at We always value patient feedback!

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