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Pain Management

At the core of most pain management issues is inflammation.  Inflammation is your body’s way of launching an attack to manage it. On a cellular level there is a purpose for inflammation but when our bodies get overwhelmed and we walk around in a chronically inflamed state then we survive in chronic pain. Some potential causes of this can be our diets, lack of exercise or limited stress management.  Some diagnosis associated with chronic pain can be fibromyalgia, rheumatoid, general or psoriatic arthritis or migraines.  Diet should be at the center of any approach to manage chronic pain syndromes because food can either be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory therefor our food choices can either exacerbate or ameliorate symptoms. Let’s walk through your food day together and see what changes we can make over the long term that will help you to feel better.

Price Table
first appointment
60 Minutes
follow-up appointment
30 Minutes

Discount packages are available when paid upfront. Initial and 3 follow ups: $285; Initial plus 4: $320; Initial plus 5: $370. Other follow ups can be added but at the regular follow up fee price listed above. Initial consultations are really just the starting point for beginning to manage long term behavior change. I recommend at least 4 follow ups to allow for the opportunity to build a relationship and truly develop lasting change.

Available Mondays beginning today 6/11/18 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (we are CST, if that matters)

All nutrition appointments will be held at the Ozzie Smith Center of South Springfield location, 2017 W. Woodland Street.

We prefer that all nutrition appointments are paid for and scheduled online through our website.

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