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Weight Loss

When folks come to me with concerns about their weight and have tried every traditional diet under the sun I sympathize because weight control can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing our health……but perhaps the most important. Our weight dictates so many other disease processes in our bodies so if we can take charge of this, then we can be successful in managing other aspects of our health. We would do a thorough review of what has been tried in the past and to what degree it was successful or not as well as review what else might be influencing successful weight loss whether it is hormone imbalance, thyroid disturbances or nutrient timing. Approaching any barriers to success is also an important aspect of managing care because anyone can start a “diet” but it requires true lifestyle change to make a long-term impact on weight. Let’ walk through this together.

Price Table
first appointment
60 Minutes
follow-up appointment
30 Minutes

Discount packages are available when paid upfront. Initial and 3 follow ups: $285; Initial plus 4: $320; Initial plus 5: $370. Other follow ups can be added but at the regular follow up fee price listed above. Initial consultations are really just the starting point for beginning to manage long term behavior change. I recommend at least 4 follow ups to allow for the opportunity to build a relationship and truly develop lasting change.

Available Mondays beginning today 6/11/18 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (we are CST, if that matters)

All nutrition appointments will be held at the Ozzie Smith Center of South Springfield location, 2017 W. Woodland Street.

We prefer that all nutrition appointments are paid for and scheduled online through our website.

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