Susan Grimshaw, MS, PT


I joined Advantage Therapy 6 years ago and have enjoyed the privilege to meet and treat patients from Missouri.  After having a practice of my own outside of Austin, TX for 20+ years, it is great to find a clinic that appreciates and emphasizes hands-on treatment.  I love to treat soft tissue injuries and developed a rapid recovery method that brings athletes and non-athletes alike to the clinic.  In addition, I like to treat a wide variety of entire body issues both chronic and acute.  The changes I see in my patients are one of my greatest joys.  After practicing for 31 years, I still find it rewarding and exciting every day



Outside of the clinic, I live in a beautiful part of the state near Galena on the James
River.  I love to garden, cook, kayak,swim, hike, and collect wild mushrooms (so far I haven’t accidently eaten a poisonous kind).  In addition, I enjoy the river with my two Portuguese Water Dogs, Rio (one black patch) and Moby Duck.  Coming in 3rd and not too crazy about water is my Bichon, Rockie.  I also just became a grandmother of almost 1 year old Blake, who lives in Austin, TX.  He of course is the cutest kid, and I feel very lucky to have him.

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