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Sore muscles? Try Biofreeze! Available at Advantage Therapy in Springfield

November 30th, 2016


Do you have sore and aching joints or muscles? Biofreeze is a unique product provide fast relief to your aches and pains. Biofreeze products give a nearly immediate super cool sensation when applied. Advantage Therapy clinics sell Biofreeze spray and roll-on at our clinics in South Springfield, North Springfield, Monett and Ozark.

Occasionally, we apply Biofreeze in the clinic when our physical therapy patients are needing an extra boost of relief. When combined with Kinesiotape techniques to give  even longer lasting pain relief.

If you have questions about the use of Biofreeze or Kinesiotape – email our expert therapist Seth Owens, DPT at

Seth Owens, DPT is the lead therapist and clinic manager at Advantage Therapy-North located near Kearney & Glenstone in Springfield, MO. Seth treats all musculoskeletal injuries including chronic back pain, sports injury, knee pain, carpal tunnel, work related injuries, and more. Hours are from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. To schedule an appointment or free consultation, call Advantage Therapy-North at 417-864-5800.

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